#Bookreview Everybody wants to change the world by #Tonycampolo & #GordonAeschliman

I was quite scared as I embarked on this book, I mean, what might I feel compelled to do? And would I have the guts to do it?
It turned out to be a much happier read. Although this book is American orientated and because of its age, a little out of date as far as organisations go, it is still a brilliant book.
Anyone wanting to consider what it means to really LIVE the Christian life, rather than just think about it and then go back to “ordinary” life… Will celebrate this book.
As I read through it and the things I thought I might like to do began to pile up, it dawned on me that I could think laterally, and choose manageable things to do for each section.
That’s not to cop out, but instead to be wise and take on what’s sustainable… And potentially see that list grow.
Even if you are not a student, if you have a desire to lead a fuller, more productive, beautiful life, this book is worth your time.


Today’s #poetry Why I love autumn

Part of the challenge this poem’s  prompt brought was rhyming couplets… HOW HARD are they?! You will have to excuse my lame attempt…

Here in the middle of sticky heat
Summer burning, I cannot compete.

I long for the cool air
That Autumn brings to bear

Leaves all ablaze in a riot of colour
So much better than grey winter palour.

Clear starry nights
And crisp twilights

Autumn is the beginning of my year
Those temperate days; I hold dear.

Today’s #poetry (another one) Abstract in grey

I see your name
Abstract in grey
But you are neither dull
Nor lifeless
You have beautiful depths
I gaze at you,
Mind quiet
You flow into my inner world
Your subtle lines
Reminding me
Of the river on a rainy day.
What secrets do you hold?
How is it you have
Such power
To calm the mind
And quieter the spirit?
I leave you
Better than I came.