Wedding Day

I wonder how many brides have the stress of their lives followed by… a beautiful day.

I did.

It rained all day, was freezing cold… and I didn’t care.

Burned into my heart forever is our vow taking.
I don’t remember a lot of the day, but that has found a place in the secret part of my heart alongside the knowledge that R is the one for me.

The day was just as I hoped it would be, simple, warm with love, and full of people catching up or getting to know each other for the first time.

And other things were lights on the way…

Everyone singing the hymns so we had a swell of sound behind us,

A member of our music group staying way beyond the time he had intended to help out and take photos,

R’s dear friend taking such care over our official photos,

My Dad’s speech.

R and I were both so very tired by the time we left to go to a hotel in Gatwick, but it didn’t matter, we carried with us, messages of love given by word or card and ended the day very content indeed.

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