Youthwork magazine

In town the other day, between shopping for my new sister in law’s birthday present and trying to decide how local is local as far as potatoes go (I’m attempting to buy less at the supermarket and more… locally) I popped into the Christian book shop for Bible notes, picking up a copy of Youthwork while I was there.

Funnily enough the magazine connected my potato dilemma to the bookshop.

Its been ages since I read Youthwork, but its nice to see its as thoughtful as ever. I’m ever trying to interest young people in sustainability as well as ethical shopping and an article in the latest issue suggests reading Green is the new black which I’m going to do… and pass on to said young people.

In the meantime I have started my grow it eat it campaign… I’m giving out pots of herbs to those who want them and in due time the herbs will go on the pizza we make. Hopefuly some of the older ones willwant to help with the garden project this year.

The thing is, it may all sound just a tad hippy, but I think its important to encourage young people not only into cooking but growing some of the things they eat. How else are we going to cut costs/carbon footprint and stay healthy. Its got to be worth a try.

And how does it all link the potatoes I bought to the shop? Well you have to practice what you preach or nobody will give you the time of day.

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