Flatpack house

R and I spent a good chunk of our wedding money Thursday. We spent four hours in ikea and managed not to have an argument, which caused much smug marriedness and patting selves on the back… but then we have only been married four weeks.

Anyway, home we came with our assortment of lovely furniture, but now of course, there are boxes of flat pack furniture all over the house, along with all the other stuff neither of us have had time to sort out all mixed in with the lack of tidying.

We can’t move.

Some of the things we don’t need have gone on freecycle and others in the paper and as I’m not working till tonight, hopefully I will get a bit of tidying done after I’ve found the local farm shop.

The thing is, as we didn’t do the whole live together for a couple of years before getting married thing, we are now trying to fit two full, single lives into one married one, and there isn’t room to have it all in the same way we did before.

We are both so very used to our on routines and everything is having to be renegotiated, from when we do the chores, to when we have our own down time (I like to read and garden, he likes his computer games).

Even when we fit exercise in… running for me, the gym for him.
And then there’s the little matter of finding time for each other,when he goes to work early and I come in late.

No wonder people say the first year of marriage is the hardest. We are getting there, negotiation being the aim of the game.

Especially around all the boxes of unopened flat pack furniture.

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