money and stress

Its amazing how much marital disharmony one car dying and going to buy another can cause. It was R and I’s day off yesterday, but most of it was so rotten we were glad when it was over.

We did have a nice evening with my parents over for dinner and Mama Mia! on blu-ray.

But as for the car… ugh. We paid a thousand pounds for a car three months ago and last week the head gasket blew.

Whatever that means.

So yesterday we went out and spent another grand we don’t have on a car. We were both so fed up and took it out on each other. I was particularly foul.

But you know there’s nothing like a hug to draw out the poison stress brings. We remember who we are when we hug. We remember why we married each other.

And when we hug, we finally have time to talk.

To say sorry.

Especially me.


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