Out the door and electrical items

I have this picture on my other blog at the moment:

they are my running shoes. I say running, but i don’t really go far or fast enough to truly call it that.


See, that makes it sound easy. And I guess once I’m out there its not so bad, but oh… How hard it its to get up and out the door.
I’m writing this as I wait for my MP3 player to charge, in a vain attempt to motivate myself. Not that it appear to be working properly anyway.

Its a bit a of a week for electrical items. I dropped my phone in the washing up water two days ago. I was listening to a message while pouring used water onto the garden. Did the phone fall on the ground, which was in abundance compared to the bowl I was carrying?

I don’t think so.

Apparently sim cards don’t appreciate washing up water, so that’s a trip to town then. After I been running of course.

One thought on “Out the door and electrical items

  1. the yours its a nice post……..you know.I think everybody have to use the blog as a mode of expression without think if its right or not what you right…………I liked what yopu wrote;)

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