Abel and Cole

How excited am I.
R and I’s first Abel and Cole organic veg box arrived Wednesday.

We have started munching our way through the contents now. R and I had been thinking we might want a veg box on the principle of eating local and in season, when I came across another blog comparing the prices of Able and Cole’s boxes to the supermarket. The blog Them Apple showed that they are comparable to sainsburys prices… and now that we are trying a box of our own, we have been convinced to carry on – the proof being in the eating of course.
Now because the food is seasonal, there were things in the box I might not have bought (although Abel and Cole let you remove something you don’t like from your order)
Like the beetroot… always something I have bought pickled in jars. But its exciting, it means trying new things, and the box will really help us eat in season, which I’m convinced is healthier anyway. So in honour of the beetroot I am going to try a chicken and beetroot recipe next week – look out for it on my food blog.

The other things I really like about this box is the fair trade bananas – if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be buying another box. And I like the packaging. Unlike the home delivery from Sainsburys we tried which had 3 items in a plastic bag, the only plastic here was the nectarine punnet. The box itself goes back to Able and Cole.
So all in all R and I consider ourselves veg box converts… you will have to try it yourself to see if it suits you.

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