I have been meaning to try a milk free “cheesecake” for ages. What I really wanted to use was dairy free cream cheese, but the only one the health food shop had was a chive one. so instead I used soft silken tofu.

You mix the tofu or cream cheese with some icing sugar, you whip the soya cream till its stiff, and fold them together… I sued pineapple chunks for the flavour.

The base is ginger biscuits (no milk in them, woohoo!) with pure marg cooked and allowed to co cool in ramekins.

the whole lot goes in the fridge for an hour or two.

I thought it would taste nasty soyaish but actually, R and I really enjoyed them! I’m convinced the dairy free cream cheese will be better, but his still got a rating of, Cool


One thought on “cheesecake

  1. I usually use Toffuti to make my vegan cheesecakes, which I totally recommend if you feel like making a more traditional baked cheesecake, but I really like your use of soya cream here with the silken tofu–it makes for a healthier, yet still deliciously refreshing dessert, I'm sure!! Nice!!

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