the end of poverty

Now you may have noticed that on occasion I can be a bit of a pessimist – of the if it can go wrong it will variety. So when I read Christian Aid’s tweet inviting everyone to think about how poverty might be ended, it was with a skeptical heart I went and had a look.

But you know, they make some good points in their video. And although my first response was “there will always be selfish people so there will always be poverty” I am encouraged by Christian Aids words and campaign.

Maybe the poor will always be with us, but that’s no excuse for not forging ahead with every available means to reduce and eradicate poverty wherever we can. I mean what if the Suffragettes had said “oh well the system is too big we might as well not bother” I mean, I wouldn’t have the vote.

My goodness.

So I have signed up and had a look at the things they are doing – I suspect R and I’s first port of call will be to change electricity provider, and then, well I guess its about each of us doing what we can to see equality rise and poverty diminish.

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