Now, as it goes, I’m not usually impressed with Christian celebrities. To be honest, its quite often a case of “oh so and so said this” and I’m thinking – Who?

But I have to say, i am impressed with Rob Bell. I like his books, as I find myself saying yes, that is how it is. And I really like his nooma videos.

Partly because it gives R and I a chance to talk about Jesus together – I’m the reader in the house, (although R does make an exception for Bells books) so noomas are something we both find absorbing, challenging and a real conversation starter.

But the other reason I like Rob Bell, is the effect his nooma videos have on some of the young people I work with. He seems to be able to cut through to the heart of the matter – and they hear what he has to say.

Finally, I like the fact that his work seems to appeal to teenagers and adults alike, allowing for the possibility of, wait for it, cross generational discussion.

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

You can find Rob Bell on his web site, on flannel and on facebook.

One thought on “Nooma

  1. Thanks for introducing him to me. I'll be looking for him now. I like what he says about to say something is spiritual (life) is to say some other part of life isn't. I didn't know there was not a Hebrew word for spiritual!

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