#173 – Where in the World?

This week’s Sunday Scribblings is rather appropriate for me, as next month, four of us leaders and 9 intrepid young people will be travelling from eastern England to Rwanda.

I’ve never been to Africa.

Come to think of it i haven’t been very many places at all. And Rwanda wasn’t on my list of places I wanted to go (unlike Australia, Canada and India).

Three years ago, my predecessor took some young people to Kigali and a nearby village, Kabuga. This is a child headed family village.

Every household has lost their parents and is headed by a child. War, poverty, disease – they have all taken parents from these children.

We are going back there with young people from here, who were too young to go last time. We will be helping with a new building, we will be running children’s activities. We will also visit a local church and a genocide memorial site.

Its not a holiday, but it is the trip of a life time, and I will be blogging all about it on our return – we go the 13th August.

Where in the world?


11 thoughts on “#173 – Where in the World?

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to both reach the heart and soul of the country you are to visit but to be help to the young people who live in such hardship. It will be interesting to hear how your young charges react to this introduction to circumstances different from those that they have grown up with.Good luck with your trip. I look forward to your accounts of it.

  2. I hope you will have a wonderful, life changing time. I just got back from Kenya. It was my 4th trip there. Be careful though, when the "mission bug" bites it can change everything.I was going on one trip to Romania back in 2001 and now I've been there 4 times, Brazil once and Kenya 4 times. The mission bug bit me I guess.Blessings,Dwight

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