Fire damage

It was all drama last night. We were having a nice evening in when R said “is that a bonfire I can smell?” We went outside.

It wasn’t.

The neighbours house was on fire. to be precise, a sofa leaning up against the house was ablaze and the fire was steadily taking the house. Others had already rung the fire brigade, as as we stood there, two tenders turned up and put it out. Thank God (and I mean that) there was no one in the house. It didn’t look too bad the next day:
But what you can’t see is that the fire had broken the downstairs window and had carried on… and the rest of the house will be smoke damaged – upstairs was black with soot.

Why would anyone do this? Others were saying it was local young people. I’m naturally adverse to blaming young people – they get blamed for everything. whoever it was, they can’t think beyond the next five minutes.

If it was young people, I think there will always be this kind of incident until as a country we stop saying “bloody kids” and start saying “how are young people respected in my community?”

Because as we all know two wrongs don’t make a right.

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