careers advice and young people

We have all done it, started a conversation in our head and included someone out loud half way through the process and thereby confusing them completely. Which is why I need to explain my thought process before carrying on…

I was wandering around the excellent blog JenX as she has a new layout and it’s make it a lot easier to find the many gems there are to read…

This reminded me that being born in ’74 means i am gen X as is my colleague – I think, she may be a gen Y, it depends who you ask…

Anyway, she is about to embark on professional youth work training (she’s already fabulous at it, this will make her supersonic).

And this got me thinking about careers, and and article from children and young people now about how pants Connexions has been at careers advice for anyone except the disadvantaged (did I say except? Well done connexions, and good for you advocating the cause of those who are disadvantaged).

I don’t know about other gen x – ers but my careers advice consisted of a computer questionnaire and “oh you’d be good in a people job”

I could have told them that.

We were promised endless job opportunities, but come the early 90’s and recession… there were no jobs for us.

Recession, no jobs and pants careers advice, sounds horribly familiar doesn’t it.

Which is why both the statutory youth service and us in the voluntary sector need to get our act together. Careers information doesn’t seem like something the church would automatically be involved in, but surely if we are to help young people find the thing they feel God is calling them too, a little practical help on our part wouldn’t go amiss.

I think I will talk to my fellow youth worker about what we might do this coming year for our young people.

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