#7 Stumbled upon and a bit about Rwanda

This will probably be my last blog for a couple of weeks. I might get one more in, but then I’m off to Rwanda. As blogged about before, I and three other leaders are taking 9 young people out to Rwanda. We will hopefully be blogging a bit while we are there and you can follow that here: Fusion316 youth worker blog.

Anyway, lots of fun stuff on the net recently…

Some lovely pictures via imagefave, for example, umbrellas and crayons and some interesting “music” at the humour archives.


Want some fun stuff for your blog? There’s some nice gadgets on abowman

But perhaps you are feeling a little stiff having at at the computer too long? Kermit the frog can help you.

And now you are up you find your chair squeaks – enter WD40 along with its many other uses.

and finally, done something good or noble recently? Why not post it on the Peace board.

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