Rwanda – the first Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Sunday saw us at the English service in the cathedral: St. Stephens. Two hours of beautiful singing, a jolly good sermon and a lovely welcome to visitors, of whom, we were only a few.
The weather was cool that day, little did I know how hot it would be the next day. Monday was cloudy, but hot, and our first day at Hope Village, Kabuga.

Hope village has been set up by the Anglican church in Rwanda, with support from CMS. It provides houses and support for people who were orphaned by the war 15 years ago.

Speciose told us that when it first started, the idea was the orphans would be given a permanent home, but they had to get everything else.
Except they went hungry.
So the diocese continued to support them and now they grow some of their own food, and are in the proces
s of building a community hall/chapel for Kabuga, the idea being the revenue will help the people of Hope village.
More on the community building later.

That first Monday we spent getting to know people and sharing in some fun and games. Some of the young people were running skipping games and a hit the target game – I was teaching origami all morning.

I didn’t respect the heat (it was cloudy, I just wasn’t aware) and by the time i realised i was unwell it was too late and brought up all my dinner with sun stroke. I was really unwell, but managed to make some friends all the same.

Tuesday, the full force of my sun stroke materialised with diarrhoea and i had a day in bed while everyone else went back to Hope village and also visited the theological college – we had brought laptops courtesy of another charity with us, for the college.

I had a rough night Tuesday night, but was well enough to get going again Wednesday.

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