Biking to build communtiy

I follow a blog called uprooted,  an eco-travel blog and have just read an amazing article about a bike collective and the good things it has produced. You can read it HERE.

This looks like something that could be a fabulous youth project.   I am always looking for ways in which to provide opportunites for my young people to become socaily concious… and active.

Somehow in the UK, for all the talk, not many of us seem to to connect social action, environmental care and the like, to our faith. And if we do,  it gets about as far as changing a light bulb and buying fair trade cadburys.

I mean, how many of our churches have had an eco church check up? 
It wasnt so long ago I belonged to a church where I offered to pay for the cost of recycling all the plastic cups used in their water dispenser… and was ignored. But now I’m whinging. Back to the action…

This bike project has all the right things to make it brilliant:

Something practical:
I notice that when people are doing something, it seems to break down the fear barrier – if we held a meeting about community biking and the environemnt, i think some people would come, less would contribute… but conversation is so much esier when accompanied by “can you help me with this” and “how do you do that”.

Something everyday which many young people already use
I know its obvious, but starting where people are at, not where they are… not, always was a good idea.

Involving all ages
I truely believe that a great chunk of the brokeness in our world stems from the western distruction of intergenerational relationships. Anything that bridges the generation gap has to be good.

Loving other people and Gods world
which is of course the point of everything.

I can just imagine all the kinds of conversations between people as they learn stuff together and see their community in a new light.

bike pic from eco blog.jpg
bike pic from


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