Book Crossing

I have been meaning to join Book Crossing  for months. Its such a fabulous idea, a free and environmentally friendly way to read books and promote reading.
Now I have to say, there is only one reader in this house and it isnt R. But then my friends are as sharply divided between readers and non readers. I dont really know people who say “I read a bit”. they either tend to say “I dont read” or, “I wish I had more time to read”.
Funny that. R says books just dont do it for him. He doesnt seem to have that thing where, when you read a book you get lost in its world, its sights and sounds.
But then I wouldnt know one end of a PC from another, and Im not able to watch a film over and over again, seeing each new detail.
I wonder, are there people out their nodding furiously either for the reader camp or the non readers? But then if you are reading this blog I guess that puts you in the reader camp.

Anyway, I had the great delight of releasing my first book into the wild. I wonder where it will end up. I hope it has great adventures and doesnt end up lost in some unloved corner somewhere. Only time will tell.

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