Walnut and coffee cupcakes and coconut cupcakes

I have been baking again today. the excuse was that I need to take something to tonights church bring and share harvest meal…
pure marg
dessicated coconut
instant coffee
chopped walnuts
weigh the eggs with their shells on,  (i used four for about 30 cupcakes) and then weigh everything else except the coconut and coffee, to the same weight.
Cream the marg and sugar
beat the egg in a bit at a time
seperate the mix into two:
for the coconut cupcakes, soak some dessicated coconut in warm water, drain and add to the mix.
For the walnut and coffee cupcakes, finely chop some walnuts, melt some instant coffee in hot water – add these to the mix.
Put mix in cake cases
Cook in an oven at 200C for 15 to 20 minutes.
The icing is either plain “butter”  icing or “butter” icing with a little instant coffee that has been melted with hot water.
I use half pure marg to icing sugar.
Once I have iced the buns, I put coconut or a piece of walnut on top of the appropriate cupcakes. This is especially important as I am taking some of them for others to eat – nobody wants “nut surprise” when they are allergic to them!
The ones I have kept are all with caps on as its easier to keep them in the tin than the pretty iced ones Im taking with me tonight.

Both R and I love these kind of cakes and they get a rating of subzero from us.

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