#4 Follower of Him

I’m reading The Treasures of Darkness by Barbara Mosse at the moment, as an Advent accompaniment (not that Advent starts till December but I take ages to read things).
At the end of the Chapter ‘Darkness, the place of revelation’ is a little quote from Ramon Lull  “The love of one that makes distinction between the trials and the joys that he has of love cannot soar to the heavens”.
Its so much easier, the good times, so much more attractive, because, well, they aren’t difficult. We automatically default to survival of the fittest, or me first please. But its true, we do grow more in the hard times. We do, as humans reach greater heights. Its that which makes us human, as apposed to animal.
Reaching beyond survival of the fittest, that’s what it means to be made in God’s image.

For me, a different reaction to hard times than me first is a sign of Gods reality. When Jesus taught us to love our neighbours as ourselves, he was showing us how to see God.

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