The year to come; dreaming of potatoes

Last year was a bit of a vegetable disaster. The pots were to small and I couldnt get enough water to the plants so it was a meagre crop of veg for R and I.
I have big plans for 2010. Well, not that big. Mid-terrace-house back yard size to be precise. The sun only falls on about a third of the yard, but i reckon there is room for two small borders and some pots.
Enough to grow potatoes, carrots, runner beans, courgette (maybe not courgette, they are huge) tomatoes, maybe even strawberries… and some flowers 🙂
I’m having tea with mum and dad, on my way to work tomorrow (R will be at work) so I shall be scheming with dad for the coming year, especially as he mentioned helping me with the borders.
I am especially looking forward to growing some Red Duke of York potatoes. I found some in Sainsburys today and R and I had them with the spicy chicken casserole that I made.  They were lovely.
And I am determined to show you don’t need a big garden or your own home to grow your own food… just seeds, water from the shower (where it takes ages to warm up), some £1 buckets from B&Q and some non-peat compost. 🙂

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