garden update and a change of course

All in the depths of the botany section of my distance RHS level 2 horticulture course i had a little epiphany – I dont have time for this course.
Hey ho.
fortunately I have been able to swap to an easier course… “gardening for beginners and beyond”  (think buzz lightyear) and the first lesson is… vegetable growing. Much more suitable for me i think.
Anyway, I went to the garden centre for seed potato and came back with that, onion setts, trailing ivy and orange F1 pansies – well i did have a spare pot…
Mum gave me some snow drops as well (which have gone in with the rose and anywhere else there was space), so everything went in the garden and I even had time to dig the trench to put kitchen veg-waste in ready for the runner beans to grow in later in the year.
Besides all that the potatoes are sitting happily in egg boxes so they can do their thing ready for planting and due to yesterdays snow everything else is cosy in fleece… but heres a few pictures before the snow arrived:


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