Climate change and what we believe

I was listening to Radion 4 on my way to a meeting earlier when I caught part of a show about climate change. Apparently in the UK the number of people believing that climate change is not man made stands at 38%
Personally I believe that it is a natural phenomenon which has been made oh so much worse by what man has done.
But what ever you believe, doesn’t this all distract us from the real problem of how we are using the earths finite resources? We are using them at an unsustainable rate and certainly unequally, with those of us in the west taking way more than our fair share.
And I suspect we are using the climate change debate as an excuse not to do anything about the resource issue. Because then we might have to give up some of our creature comforts. 
Lent starts next week. On my youth worker blog I am going to do weekly posts for lent on the theme “giving up consumerism”  (I shall post them here as well). I don’t mean we should all become ascetics, but we do need to live within our means

And  man made climate change aside, lets face it, we are not.

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5 thoughts on “Climate change and what we believe

  1. Small things can contribute in a big way like switching off computer than locking it, turning off electronics when not in use etc.It's really hightime, we need to understand.

  2. Great post I do try to 'think green' but it gets hard to do! One rule that I follow is not buying from overseas (ie. amazon), while prices can be cheaper by the time freight and shipping are added in it can cost roughly the same as buying locally. I often find that I really don't need that item (especially after waiting a few days/weeks for it)which is such a shame! Plus think of all those local businesses that lose out!

  3. Climate will change whatever, but we will make it much worse by our greed and selfishness. Business does not want us to live within our means but beyond it. We are a very clever race, but sadly not clever enough. Excellent, thought provoking post.

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