Being a teen in 2010

I may be a youth worker, but I am also very glad not to be a teen now. 
It’s jolly hard. It really is.
I respect for teens goes deep, they, like the rest of us did, are searching for sometimes struggling, eventually finding their own adult identity in the world.
But when I was a teen, I didn’t have to put up with such strong prejudice from the media, or an adult generation who think its OK to herd me like cattle.
I asked some of my young people what they thought the adult populationthought of teens. They said things like “they hate us” “they think we are scum”.
It broke my heart.
When I was a teen wasn’t battered to quite the extend with magazines, TV, and of course the internet.
My mistakes weren’t broadcast on Facebook for all to see.

As lent approaches, apart from thinking about giving up consumerism, I am also going to pray each day for the young people I work with. If you pray, I encourage you to do the same. 

Because teens need adults on their side.

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