Valentines Food

We had valentines day at home this year and I cooked:
Sweet chilli grilled prawns
Coq au van
Cheesecake and chocolate pudding
The coq au van recipe was one from Zest magazine (I don’t normally buy it but I was glad I did this time). We both really enjoyed it. The cheese cake and chocolate pudding used cream, but would have worked just as well with soya cream. 
So, sweet chili prawns, yummy sweet chili sauce to marinade the prawns an then “barbecued” under the grill, coq au van with thyme roast potatoes and green beans, cheesecake with cherry pie filling rather than the usual pineapple cheesecake.
We had the chocolate puddings cold, but I think they are even yummier with 15 seconds in the microwave! They were Victoria sponge mix with cocoa powder and then the sauce was cream and melted dark chocolate.
Candles, red wine, apple juice, and all in all a proper valentines night in.

We gave it all subzero 🙂

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