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I haven’t had much time to either write or read blogs recently, but i had a bit of a catch up today, and lo and behold, a whole raft of interesting and thought provoking articles – so I thought I would share them with you:
Its always nice to read a blog post with events geographically close to you, especially as I live in the UK and most of the blogs I read hail from the US. This post however tracks the activities of “bag lady” in bury St. Edmunds, a mere 30 miles form me. Its a great eco article.
A blogger I have been following for some time is considering stopping, I hope you will take a look at her blog and tell her to keep going – I would love to see this park ranger continue her interesting blog, now that she is moving to a new job, and keep on including her amazing photos.
Another interesting blog, especially if you are generation x, Jen has been blogging about tattoos – an unusual topic for her, besides her blog is always worth a look.
Meanwhile, rachenpepper are making a lot of sense, decrying the use of the fail hashtag. Like she says, eventually you will get where you want to be.
Two blogs this week take a thoughtful look at the spiritual side of life – there’s some sound thinking about mothering Sunday and its original title – refreshment Sunday with Maggie Dawn  and Kath Williamson provides us with some words of wisdom on love.

Finally, someone elses list of good posts – you cant go far wrong with these from the new urban habitat.

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