Daily Bible Study

6: bible nerdImage by jamelah via Flickr
Finding thing which help with the understanding of god’s word can prove hard work sometimes. There are SO many Bible studies, commentaries, web sites… Where on earth to start? Everyone likes different things, and I think that what suits depends not only on our temperament but also just “where we are” in life.
So it always worth a fresh look every now and then.
For what its worth, these are the things I find helpful at the moment:
Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright (Easy to read and hugely informative)
Justification Gods plan and Paul’s vision by Tom Wright (I need a dictionary as well as a Bible to read this)
The Rhythm of Life Celtic Daily Prayer by David Adam (This book has proved a long standing friend)

Daily Devotions (Really like this – you can read just a little or dig deeper)

And for Easter: Back from the Dead and On the third day from ReJesus (its worth looking at both)

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