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There is a lot of interesting stuff being said on the net election wise, and to be honest, the bloggers have more to say than the BBC does. They just seem to be recycling the same stories, the same “the other parties are doing nothing” comments from politicians over and over again…
Where as Wife in the North and St. Aidan to Abbey Manor have both caught my interest. The conservatives have been saying some good stuff in principle, but as Wife in the North points out, it rings alarm bells with any woman – all that “the community will do it” stuff – as someone who works with volunteers i can tell you, they are worth their weight in gold -where does Mr. Cameron think all these workers he is effectively promising are going to come from?
In the meantime St. Aidan to Abbey Manor has been pointing out the lack of anything said about faith amongst the party manifestos. Mind you better that than the flippin BNP, but I have blogged about that before.
R and I had another go on the vote for policies web site, and this time we both did all the policies. His are here and mine here. Mine came up half Green and half Labour – but I think if i did the questionnaire again, it might be different again – I found it really hard to decide between whole policies as more than one party had a bit I liked and it would depend which “bit” I chose..
Anyway, I really struggle with the Labour candidate – he seems to spend all his time telling us how awful the opposition are and saying how wonderful he is… But when you look at what he says he has done, they are all things government has done. He may have voted on them, but none of the “victories” seem to be local things which he has personally instigated.

Besides I naturally vote green (see pictures) – so even though I know they don’t have any chance of becoming the Government, I’m still going to vote for the Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Ipswich. At least he might actually do something Green – locally.

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