Up to our eyeballs in election

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Ive officially had enough of the election. I’m looking forward to just getting on voting tomorrow. I’m fed up of the BNP putting their fascist rubbish through our door, and not wishing to put the Labour party in the same sentence, but do we really need 15 leaflets and a DVD? I mean, what happened to the environment and besides is this how they spend our money?  Sorry Gordon you’re not getting my vote.
On a happier note, I have had some interesting conversations with the young people I work with  – shame it took me so long to find the youth policies on the Lib Dem web site – oops there I go again… They had some really good policies (the young people) like free transport for young people, more sporting facilities near by, better pedestrian crossings and more equipment for schools – you know, things that really make a difference.
You know what? They are so brilliant (the young people, not the politicians) i think I will post here what they said:

In our poll of 18 eleven and 12 year olds, the Conservatives gained 50% of the vote, Liberal Democrats 27.78% and Labour 22.22%
We asked our group “If there was one thing you could ask the new government to do for young people what would it be?

Girl, 11 – Liquid envy clubs for our age
Girl, 12 –. Liquid envy clubs for our age
Boy, 12 –. New parks for young people to hang out in.
Girl, 12 –. Shorter lessons and more flexible timetable
Girl, 12 –. Free transport for children.
Boy, 11 –. Tennis courts near where we live
Boy, 11 –. More local sports
Girl, 12 – . Kids transport – safe travel for younger kids
Girl, 12 – more evenness in lessons, ie the same number of drama lessons as science.

Liberal Democrat
Girl, 12 –. More choice on [curriculum] lessons.
Girl, 12 –. More clubs for people my age and less homework.
Boy, 12 – . Time to go home at lunch time
Girl, 10 – more action against vandalism
Girl, 11 – make public buildings cleaner and nicer to be in.

Girl, 12 –. Free public transport for kids and alternatives to sport at school.
Girl, 12 –. A different prime minister to Gordon!
Girl, 11 – more pedestrian crossings and paths
Girl, 12 – Eco friendly clubs and more stuff to stop climate change

We also asked eight of our 14 to 18 year olds the same thing, here the Liberal Democrats and Labour gained 37.5% of the vote, Conservative 12.5% Other 12.5% They replied:

Liberal Democrat:
Boy, 17 –
I do not agree with what the Conservatives are planning for younger children and I do not agree with their plans for conscription, where individuals are being made to do community service which I believe will cause further problems as people cannot do the things they wish to do, which may lead one to dislike the Government for what they have made someone do.
Definitely to put more funds into schools so more educational material can be used by students. I would also like to see more resources such as computers put into more schools as well as more school funded trips to study educational sites.

Girl, 15
I would ask the new Prime minister to rethink how the education system works, the curriculum and how we our education is based around exams and results. Also university, how now a degree has become less meaningful but still just as expensive. More people are now coming out with degrees, however more people are entering the work force in huge amounts of debts. How can this be a productive way for young people to be educated or live?

Boy, 14
I’d abolish university tuition fees!

Boy, 16.
because they have best policies for education.
I would ask the prime minister why young adults don’t have more too do. This would stop many of us hanging round on the streets.

Boy, 16
Introduce free (at least cheaper), reliable and accessible public transport for all young people.

Boy, 18
To Reduce Tuition Fees to at least the amount they are in Scotland, preferably get rid of all of them.

Girl, 16 – Conservative.
Lower the age of drinking

Girl, 16.
Its all talk, none of them will actually change anything.

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