One tree, two fruits

I went to see my spiritual director yesterday. For those of  you thinking “huh?” she is a mentor to me and we talk about life from the perspective of our faith.
She also makes a great cup of tea.
So we talked about all sorts, work, the future, finding time for God… how nice her dog is.  I always come away with greater insight, some things shrunk to there true perspective and blessed with encouragement with other things. Yesterday was no different. 
I have been married 17 months, and am still exploring what it means to be me, with this new identity – married. I notice it especially with my faith. I mentioned that it felt almost wrong, having prayer times separate to R (although we have bible/prayer times together too) and that I couldnt figure out how to be me-with-God and R and I – with God…
My spiritual director thought a moment, and then said – it’s like an apple tree grafted onto apple root stock, which produces both varieties of fruit.  You are as a couple one tree, but you also produce your own fruit. God  calls you to be a unit together, but he also has his own call on each of your lives.
It has made a lot of sense to me. We are a team, we grow together in love, but we are still fully our own person. I feel I have come away with a deeper way to be me before God and in my marraige.

I would recomend mentoring or spiritual direction to anyone 🙂

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