#216 – dragon

Fire Breathing Dragon - Burning Down The CastleImage by Magnera via Flickr
Something for Sunday Scribblings…normally this would be “the elephant in the room” but actually in this case a dragon would be more accurate:
We meet together
week by week
to love
and serve
and worship
yet how is it
we fail to notice
the dragon in the room
We smile and say
bless you
while all the while
the dragon breath
of bitterness,
and unforgiveness 
burn our hearts to ashes
And we wonder why
we do not see
the cooling waters

of heaven.

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10 thoughts on “#216 – dragon

  1. It's sad. Resentment and bitterness join the congregation way too often. I've indulged in my share and have decided to drop the grudges. The emotional energy is just not worth it.

  2. when an elephants in a room. Some past harm is just sitting there unnotticed and buried. Quite different from your perpetually destructing dragon. For some reason this image strikes a chord with me. I think anyone whose ever been in a relationship will be familiar with this image. Great Work.

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