Bigger house or less clutter?

Live SimpleImage by Katie@! via Flickr
I am once again inspired by Tammy Strobel’s blog Rowdy Kittens. She has an amazing article about a woman who lives in a tiny house…
Yet this house seems to have loads of space – unlike the two bed terrace I live in.
The difference of course is the amount of “stuff” this woman owns. I am inspired, challenged. As she says:
I think my smaller life has offered me a clearer picture of the difference between what I want and what I need. That discourse doesn’t always make me calm or happy; it challenges me. That said, living small does bring a certain satisfaction and awareness to life; a certain ‘ah-haaaa’ when you recognize that you don’t really need a bigger house or more ‘stuff’ to be in love with your life.”
I know that the clutter in my house (and it is mine, R is naturally minimalist!) clutters my mind, my emotions.
I need space and light and what I have, is stuff.

I am resolved to have less. Not just move stuff elsewhere, but genuinely get rid of it. 
Besides, when this part of the world continues to take more than its fair share of the world’s stuff – who am I not to try and live with less?

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