work, karate and life balance

I have always been a bit hit and miss when it comes to fitness. You know how it is, life just seems to squash it out. But then, whats the point of living in a mad rush, with no beauty or joy, your mind and body all silted up?
It doesn’t surprise me that those who pursue simple living also subscribe to exercise. And me? I finally went back to karate. It’s been nearly four years, and I have forgotten just about everything. But I came home today from my first lesson a happy woman. I hadn’t just forgotten the techniques, I had also forgotten how happy it makes me to be both learning something new and getting some exercise. 
And as before, I have found those involved in martial arts are a really lovely bunch of people. I do worry about the money, but R says he is happy for me to go.
But then he gets in return a less stressed wife. I am entering a difficult phase at work, leading a complete review of all we do (needed because if we carry on the way we are, they will run out of money at Christmas and i will be job hunting). 

It means a balanced life is all the more important – prayer, hard work, time out, eating well and regular exercise. Hopefully i can keep these things in the right proportion and not find myself crowded out of my own life.


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