#227 – half-way

The Monument StepsImage by Plbmak via Flickr
It was only
half way up
the ladder
that I realised
I am afraid of heights.
The journey down
was a relief.
It was only
when I was
half way
to no-where
that I realised
a u-turn
was best.
The journey back
was a blessing.
It is only as
I prepare to leave
the half way point

of my thirties

That I realise
how much of 
the journey
there is left 

to travel.

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7 thoughts on “#227 – half-way

  1. i've still a while to go before i reach that half way mark u prepare to leave, but still, i think long way for me to go as well πŸ™‚

  2. The journey of life can never be measured in time. Life comes and goes like the clouds in the sky. We can only hope that the moment we are in is beautiful.

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