5# Funding

Pound CoinsImage by wwarby via Flickr
This is the fifth and final article ina a series of 5 on youth work
Funding is always a difficult issue. How much do you expect the congregation to give? How far do you bend the work to fit the funding?
Because lets face it, the most fabulous piece of relevant youth work is going no where without the appropriate funding.
And where does the mission of God fit in? Surely if its his will for the work, there will also be the funding?
What ever we do about funding, the overarching principle is still – relationship is everything. 
That means we need to get young people involved in the issue of finance so that they have the full picture of things effecting their lives.
It means whether your fund raising method is the church fete, gift day, envelope system or whatever – the congregation as a whole needs to be a part of it.
For both young people and the congregation, being involved means having a stake in things. The child who gives a pound of their pocket money towards their mothers birthday present then feels the personal joy of the mothers happiness in a deeper way that if they had no financial stake in it at all. It works the same way in the church family. The ideal is that everyone gives, even if it’s a pound. 
Only after that do we consider looking for outside funding. Because the mission of God is about Him restoring all things back into a relationship with Himself. Our youth work is in that context and so is the funding. If we as the people of God have a stake in the work, through the triangle of support – prayer, practical help and financial giving, we are best placed to see what it is God wants in our local area.

When we are in this place the money will be there because Gods plans never fail.

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