#229 – dangerous

Flower on waterImage by ramson via Flickr
Is is dangerous to dream?
to hope for a better day
a deeper way
of life?
Would it be wiser
to tread a cautious step
and avoid regret?
Or is the real danger
that we will never live
have nothing to give
and be washed away

with inaction.

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16 thoughts on “#229 – dangerous

  1. Wow! I loved this poem as it totally echos so much of how i feel. We must always be willing to change and move forward. Stagnation is just as bad as death, I think.

  2. Hi there Understanding Alice. I wanted to thank you for stopping by Honor&Truth. I mistakenly deleted your lovely comment during moderation from my pda (a finicky techno-tool). Stop by again.

  3. Good thoughtful questions. Dreaming can be a dangerous occupation, but then one has to wonder why we were given that ability if staying safe is the wiser choice.Elizabeth

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