Bible thoughts – Matthew 6:1-18

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I have had some interesting conversations with young people this week.  I have been asking them “how do you know someone is a Christian” and “why do people commit to following Jesus”.
The answers have all started with “they go to church” and “they live a good life” and “they believe in God”.
I am reminded of all this as I read Matthew 6:1-18
So many of us, not just young people, at first thought think that being a Christian is about going to church, being a good person and believing in God. Of course all these things are valuable and important, but here, Jesus reaches deeper, continuing His theme of the posture of a believers heart.
Do we do the things we do in order to gain recognition? Self worth? And yet, look at the Lords prayer – your will be done, your kingdom come – its all about Jesus.
All these other things, the giving, the fasting, even the praying – they are not so much about us being righteous, but about us worshipping God – it really is all about Jesus.
Because believing in God and going to church and doing good deeds they are all so much used salt if they don’t well up from a heart of love for Jesus.

Why are we Christians? So that we can love Him, love others, because He first loved us.

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