Twenty Four Seasons of the Heart – 5 & 6


Kelly had just finished the decoration for her and Mark’s first anniversary cake when the phone rang. Her mother unusually hesitant, stumbled over her words as she tried to tell Kelly about the accident.
The hospital, the chapel of rest, her mother catching her as she collapsed, the drive home, being put to bed, it was all a painful blur.
He hadn’t stood a chance when the building collapsed and now Kelly was left with stale anniversary cake and a funeral to organise.
She hadn’t meant to scream at the vicar but she couldn’t bear all he stood for, his kind words empty as she thew rose petals into the grave of her soul mate.
All those years wasted, all those songs for God who turned out to be a mean old man who didn’t care. 
Kelly resolved never to set foot in any of his churches again.
The final year of uni for John turned out to be new, interesting and then deeply painful. Ali had got more and more into Christian Union and had then joined a church that ran an Alpha course and John having finally relented was going with her.
The course had sparked his interest and Ali seemed over the moon do when it ended he carried on going to church with her. All through the Autumn and Spring terms he had gone to church in the morning and then run with the club in the afternoon, but the summer term changed everything.
The running schedule shifted to Sunday morning and John found himself caught between his life’s passion and an ultimatum from his long term girlfriend.

He suddenly realised how little she knew about him  he took his finals alone, feeling betrayed by her and the God who had stolen her from him.

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