#250 – Invisible

Pleiades Star ClusterImage via Wikipedia
Alive with it all
a style of her own
that would reach the stars
to comfort any soul
but her tender 17 years
the blond stripe in her hair,
black skinny jeans
and pierced nose
they render her

when will we learn to see?

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6 thoughts on “#250 – Invisible

  1. How do you engage with alien life forms? You could try love but even that can be counteracted by a pout of the lip, a scowl and a toss of the head. How about patience and a lack of criticism? Yes, that might work. Try to think of her as pupating. There inside is a beautiful butterfly waiting to emerge.

  2. Your poem points out that we all see and do not see what is truly there, especially for those who are different, outside our "tribe", the dangerous and unknown. We may choose not to see that which threatens us.

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