Earth hour cakes

We are having an Earth Hour event at our church on Saturday – its my idea, and lots of the young people are leading stuff which is fabulous!
We are having two halves, the light hour and then when we switch the lights off for earth hour itself, the dark hour… not that dark hopefully what with candles and wind up torches.

There will be a fair trade cafe and shop, a chance to make bags out of recycled clothes, coasters out of recycled Cd’s, bird feeders using old drinks cartons, a clothes swap, games, a video and talk, puppets of praise and star gazing.
Sadly the man at the council hasn’t replied to me so no bicycle smoothie maker.
So today I have been making lots of cake – fruit cake, cherry chocolate cake, lemon cakes and banana and fruit cakes – R has got a sample of each, so that’s his lunches sorted 🙂

I am reminded in all this how much environmental and justice issues matter to me. I’m hoping in taking part, it might inspire some of the young people to further action – hopefully more clothes exchanges, or “swishing” and a regular fair trade shop at church.

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