Blog following spring clean

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I have been having a bit of a spring clean of the blogs I follow – unfollowing all the ones I never read and adding one or two new ones of interest.

I am particularly loving Make Wealth History. I had been googling to find out which supermarket stocks the most fairtrade products and came across this article by make wealth history:

“In summary, if you must shop at the supermarkets your best bets are the Co-operative, Waitrose, and Marks and Spencer, probably in that order. All three are progressive businesses in environmental and social policy. The first two aren’t corporations either, and can afford not to pursue profit as aggressively as the others.
In the middle come Sainsburys, who have some good policies and are making better progress than Morison’s, mainly because Morison’s started from behind.
Tesco and Asda are in another category, being enormous and utterly irresponsible. They may yet implement some better policies, but their whole business model is rooted in the worst kind of growth capitalism, and it’s hard to recommend them.”

The whole article is worth a read, along with more recent articles such as:


Ten reasons to give up your car 

You can see other blogs I follow on my blogroll – hope some of them inspire you too…
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