The grey mist

I have travelled for months. the journey in part, was full of good weather and cheer, but these past six weeks I have entered a grey mist.
The light has faded to gloom and the mist clings whenever I am in waking hours. those around me sound at a distance, their lives muffled to me by the grey and all colour in my days has faded before it.
I carry on my journey but it is with great weight upon my mind and sorrow in my heart.
There are moments when for a while the mist lifts and I am reminded of what sunlight can do. It restores colour to the world and purpose to the soul.
And yet, in spite of the great tiredness of ordinary tasks and the loss of colour in my journey, the mist has not taken it all. 
I still travel.
And although for a while it would seem my journey covers difficult terrain, I am not alone. I still have the book and it’s Author.
The mist seems to prevent me from seeing more than a pace or two ahead, but the Author illuminates my life through the pages of His work and his words bring a  light to my mind.
I may not see the way ahead but I know He has gone before me, through the closest of mist and survived.
And if there is one thing I know, it’s nothing ever remains the same. If I keep on walking and trust the Author to light my path, I will eventually leave this land of mist.
In the meantime his book makes purpose for my present journey and His life, a comfort to my sorrow.


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