Home made kofta burgers #cheaprecipes 1

We are on an economy drive at the moment. Still, R and I love our food, so some of the cheapest recipes I have seen online just don’t cut it, we would just be miserable.

The challenge is on, cheap and tasty, I’m trying some new food.

Last night we had kofta burgers with chips and veg. They definitely need sauce with them, or have them with pitta and tomatoes etc, but they did the job.


We ate four burgers and the other 12 went in the freezer. I bought food from Tesco’s because it’s the wrong end of the month not to use the credit card, so I reckon you could make it cheaper from Aldi:

800g value lamb mince
2 slices white bread
38g pot of Tesco’s garam masala
1tsp chili powder
Tbsp tomato sauce
1 value bulb garlic
2 onions

Grate or put in a food processor the peeled onion and garlic, then the same with the bread. Mix all the ingredients, then kneed like bread dough until it’s all mixed.
Separate into 16 burgers and grill them.

It works out as about 52p per burger, so a meal for one I reckon all in, is about £1.50

Awesome, tasty and cheap.


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