#vegan banana, cherry and chocolate nicecream

Who doesn’t like instant ice cream? Literally just frozen banana and cherry, a little soya milk and some raw cacao powder, wizz it up and yum…


Pesto and beans

It’s been so hot today we didn’t feel like a heavy meal, so we had pasta pesto and beans. I made enough for us to have it cold for lunch too:

300g pasta (dry weight)

60 g fresh spinach & rainbow chard chopped

1 tin cannellini beans

1 jar of meridian free from green pesto

We had gluten free pasta as R is off wheat for the hayfever season, but you could have any kind you want. It was lovely, and not too hot for a hot day:

Who we are, and who we would love to be.

Everyone would like to be a better version of themselves than they are. Except for the people who want to be someone else, which of course is just a recipe for misery.

Mind you, I find the journey to a better me to be pretty frustrating at times. I can see that better life, healthier, kinder to others, calmer in myself… But it’s just not something I can manage alone.

My morning Bible reading reminded me that in fact, we aren’t meant to do these things alone. They are the fruit of the spirit. That is, as we seek God first, he is able to work out a better version of us as we go along.

It has always mattered to me, but has been brought into sharp focus as I approach the mid way point of my pregnancy.

Now I don’t just want to be a better me for my family and for the young people I work with… But R and I’s child… The one that for all these years we thought was impossible.

Even in the face of a miracle, change is mundane. Longer walks with the dogs, starting a gentle exercise routine at home and a new drive on healthy eating:

 That and a renewed desire to meet each day with Jesus, knowing it isn’t by might or power that things change, but by his Spirit.

Review: The Shadow Doctor by Adrian Plass via @Hodderfaith

Adrian Plass writes at the beginning of his book:

This book, probably the most difficult I have ever written, is dedicated to my friends.

I can see why it was so hard to write. It is a beautiful, painful and deeply honest book about how hard life can be, how we think it should be and how it actually is.

It could only be have written by someone who understands suffering and it’s challenge to faith first hand.
I thought reading the blurb it might be one of those books where the protagonist offers beauty and light in a dark world and you go away feeling warm and fuzzy.

It wasn’t. It was so much better than that.

I don’t really want to recount any of the story but instead to encourage you to read it yourself.

Adrian Plass communicates truths through his rich and vivid story telling style which I don’t think I would have been able to receive through a sermon. 

The Shadow Doctor allows you to travel with its characters as they search for answers to faith and suffering. So much better than being “taught at” if you see what I mean.

I read this book with an ache in my heart but I finished it with such hope for the journey. I am profoundly grateful for the sacrifice Plass obviously made in writing this book.

I hope you will read it… Preferably more than once.

Visualising The Road Back to You by @SuzanneStabile & @iancron #enneagram eight

Having read Richard Rohr’s book on the enneagram, I was happy to start reading Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile’s book on the topic. It has been very interesting reading a book written by a “one” and then reading one written by a “four” and a “two”.

I am loving the road back to you. The enneagram is giving me great insight in to my own workings. Also i want to understand it well enough to use it to better serve the young people I work with.

Being a visual person, I have found it helpful to begin to do a visual representation of each number. As the book starts with eight so have I. Mind you, being a seven, I have had to resist the urge to do all the numbers I have read so far right now and ignore the washing, ironing and dishes. Let’s face it, even if you’re not a seven, coloured pens are always going to be more fun than ironing.  

Here it is:

It wasn’t until I drew this I realised the only number an eight is not potentially influenced by a a four. I wonder if that means eights find fours the most difficult to understand?
Anyway, the more I read, the more I learn. The enneagram may not be scientific as such, but it turns out to be an uncanny and accurate tool for undoing some of the knots in my life and if that leads me to a closer relationship with God and a more compassionate one with other people, well it’s all good.

#vegan #nutloaf for everyone

If you can eat nuts, you will probably like this nut loaf. It’s a good one for us when we have meat eating friends round because they feel like they have had a proper meal. So here it is:

Prepare and then mix together

200g red lentils cooked with 2 teaspoons of bullion 

100g chopped nuts. Walnuts are best, any will do.

One packet of chestnuts, chopped

One large carrot, grated

About 60g bread crumbs. I don’t have a food processor so I grated the bread I had.

Herbs of your choice, mine were herbs de Provence

Cook in a loaf tin at 180C for about half an hour or until it looks done on top.

Happy Christmas everyone 😄